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Photos and Videos

Take the magic of the Fundación Cordillera Tropical with you! Download and print a postcard and breathe in the beauty of the Nudo del Azuay.

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Fundación Cordillera Tropical's capacity building program aims to raise awareness and change behavior towards nature conservation. Explore how we bring science-based education and play to local communities in the Tropical Ecuadorian Andes. We invite you to visit the elementary schools in the Nudo of Azuay with Mr. Bear.

Fundación Cordillera Tropical considers the Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus) a focal species for the conservation of páramo and montane ecosystems in the southern zone of Sangay National Park.  Since 2008, researchers have used remote cameras, located on wildlife trails inside the forest, to study the bear as well as other animals that inhabit these locations.  These videos are made from individual photographs of the bear taken sequentially by the remote cameras.

To see more videos, visit our YouTube page.


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