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Board of the Foundation

Stuart_WhiteStuart White, Ph.D., Chairman
Geographer; Founder and administrator, Mazar Wildlife Reserve (Cañar province, Ecuador)

Stuart settled in Ecuador in 1982 and has pursued three intertwined paths as professor, alpaca breeder, and conservationist. He taught at the University of New Mexico and University of Vermont, and continues to give field courses in Ecuador and do research in Andean biogeography and alpaca husbandry. He introduced alpacas to Ecuador in 1985, and advocates alpacas as a valuable tool for the conservation of threatened high-altitude páramo grasslands. Stuart has applied his overriding passion for wild habitat conservation by helping establish Fundación Cordillera Tropical in 2000, and in a variety of subsequent environmental projects.

Karina Chamorro, Secretary
Biologist; Director, Cutín Associative Microenterprise of Community Environment Promotors, FONAPA (Cuenca, Ecuador)
Teresa Clare, Ph.D., Spokesperson
Biologist; Founder and Director Hacienda Mazan Wildlife Rescue Center (Cuenca, Ecuador)
Laura Lojano, Spokesperson
Biologist; Administrator of Sangay National Park (Cuenca, Ecuador)
Patricia Espadero, Spokesperson
Dr. of Veterinary Medicine; Owner and administrator, All Things Alpaca (Cuenca, Ecuador)
Lucas Achig, M.Sc., Alternate Spokesperson, Conservation biologist; Professor of Science at Universidad Nacional de Educación (Azogues, Ecuador)
Stephen R. Leftwich, Alternate Spokesperson, English professor and long term Cuenca resident (Cuenca, Ecuador)


Alfredo Martínez, Ph.D, Biologist, Professor at the University of Cuenca (Cuenca, Ecuador)
Jim Clare, Engineer, Wildlife filmmaker (Cuenca, Ecuador)
Manuel Sanango, Community leader and landowner in the Mazar watershed (Cañar province, Ecuador)
Michael Peralta, Community leader and landowner in the Dudas watershed (Cañar province, Ecuador)
Miguel Yadicela, Community leader and landowner in the Mazar watershed (Cañar province, Ecuador)
Patricio Padrón, Agronomist (Cuenca, Ecuador)
Sandra Criollo, Biologist and environmental education specialist (Cuenca, Ecuador)

Annual Reports

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Institutional Résumé

CV - 2018 FCT curriculum vitae

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