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Fundación Cordillera Tropical is seeking eight-person volunteer teams to help rural Ecuadorian families implement sustainable ranching practices through tree planting.  During this 7-day eco-volunteerism trip to the Tropical Andes, volunteers will be based at a field camp in the Mazar Wildlife Reserve on the border of the Sangay National Park.

By planting edible fences using native forage trees, each crew will assist impoverished Ecuadorians achieve a sustainable income by implementing improved ranching practices leading to increased milk production and at the same time promote water conservation and forest restoration.  The team will also visit a local school to talk about their work and how it impacts local families and the surrounding environment. 

The trip will begin and end in scenic Cuenca, Ecuador, a World Heritage site, where the team will explore the cobblestone streets and picturesque churches. 

What should I expect?

Eco-volunteers will have a once in a lifetime experience working with local communities to protect and restore the majestic Tropical Andes of southern Ecuador. Please remember that all participants should be in good physical shape and capable of working in tough and muddy conditions.  The pastures are located at elevations between 9-10,000 feet.  

How can I sign up?

We are seeking 8-person eco-volunteer teams. So, start recruiting your team. At this time, we cannot place individuals in this program.

What’s the cost?  How will my money be spent?

Fundación Cordillera Tropical solicits a donation of $5000 from each group of Eco-volunteers.  This money will purchase trees, fencing, and fertilizers that benefit small cattle producers.  After the Eco-volunteers leave, this donation will also allow Fundación Cordillera Tropical to hire and train local Ecuadorian Tree Guardians who will monitor and teach ranchers to care for the trees over a 12-month period.  

All Eco-Volunteers should also budget for in-country costs including food, lodging and transport estimated at $400/person in addition to his/her roundtrip airfare to/from Ecuador.

When can we come?

Fundación Cordillera Tropical welcomes eco-volunteer teams between January and June when conditions are ideal for planting trees. 

For more information, contact Catherine Schloegel, Executive Director, at volunteer@cordilleratropical.org.

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