New documentary, ¨My Place¨, portrays Fundación Cordillera Tropical's conservation work

Fundación Cordillera Tropical staff and friends attend the video premiere.

Cuenca, Ecuador (26 June 2014) – Fundación Cordillera Tropical, a non-profit organization affiliated with the Ministry of Environment, with its headquarters in Cuenca and whose outreach area is the lower Paute watershed, will present a video made by Actuality Media, in association with the University of Tampa, Florida (USA), titled, ¨My Place¨, in partnership with the organization TECHO.

The video highlights the efforts of campesinos born in that region and a local non-profit organization, Fundación Cordillera Tropical, to conserve a pristine area, located only 100 kilometers from Cuenca. Fundación Cordillera Tropical has worked since the year 2000 to conserve the biological diversity in a 100,000 hectare region covering the upper Dudas, Mazar, Llavircay, Juval and Púlpito watersheds. Sangay National Park, whose headquarters are located in Azogues, is the governing agency and conservation partner in this vast region.


Student cinematographers from Actuality Media film a scene during a field trip. (Photo courtesy of Actuality Media)


The video to be presented represents the efforts of four University of Tampa students, passionate about the visual arts and dedicated to social causes including conservation as it is practiced by Fundación Cordillera Tropical. The video takes us to the agricultural frontier and invites us to contemplate the causes for its deforestation and to explore the urgency to work with residents on this frontier, for their benefit as well as for the conservation of the region's extraordinary biodiversity.

The premiere, with the presence of the video's creators, will be at República Sur, located on Paseo 3 de Noviembre 4-78 (telephone 098 770 6450), at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 28th. For additional information, please contact Robin,

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